The Way of Wonder

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On Our Way!

The Way of Love 

Prepare The Way of Joy

Preparing The Way of Peace

The Way of Hope


All We Have to Live On

It's All About the Children


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Threading the Needle

Place at the Table-Troy

Re-Living the Trauma

The Beautiful Feast of Life

Manna and Mercy

Food That Endures

A Storm of Our Own Making

A New Creation Dawns

Carried Away

Spiritual Friendship in a Facebook World

Together ... We ... Care for God\'s Creation

Together ... We ... Seek to Heal Wounds

Together We Serve God in the World

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Together ... We ... Work for Peace and Justice

Together ... We ... Demonstrate God\'s Inclusive Love

Together . . . We . . . Explore Life in the Spirit (1)

Together . . . We . . . Worship God Through Christ

Now Is the Time!

Searched and Known

The Font of Identity

A Wide Open Heart


Cry Out!

Wake Up

Talent to Spare

The Long Haul

A Fruitful Harvest

This Holy Union

The One Who Does Not Wander. September 28 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor

Soul Friending and 'The Main Meal'  September 7 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

Who We Can Become. August 17 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor. pdf

Giving Birth to Faithfulness. August 10th 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

Re-Imagining the Good Samaritan. August 3rd 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

The Indomitable Spirit of God. July 27th 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

The Spirituality of Our Religion July 13 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

Willing Our Way July 6th 2014 Gust Newquist, Pastor .pdf

A Tale of Two Mothers. June 22 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor. pdf

Paradise Found, June 15 2014, Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

Rivers of Living Water, June 8 2014 PENTECOST Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

Clothed with Power, June 1, 2014, Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

Preparing for Pentecost, May 25, 2014, Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

Dwelling Places, May 18th 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

Turning_and_Re-Turning_May 11th 2014 Gusti Newquist, Pastor.pdf

Approaching_Alleluia. May 4th 2014 Gusti Newquist Pastor. pdf