*Must be submitted a minimum of one (1) week prior to event*

This form needs to be filled out by every group, every committee, and every event that utilizes the church and its facilities.

In order to ensure that each meeting and event is successful, all of the requirements are met and no scheduling conflicts occur, it is imperative that this form is filled out entirely and submitted in a timely manner.

It is the responsibility of the committee or group representative to ensure that the form is filled out correctly before signing and submitting to the office.

Any event that does not have a COMPLETED form will not be included on the church calendar until the form has been received.

If you prefer you can complete and submit the activity building use request form online here.

If you prefer you can download a printable pdf version of this form, complete and submit it to the FUPC main office.

*Note: Set-up information is required but person/s requesting space is responsible for the set-up.