Becoming a member of First United is an important step in the journey of faith. It involves affirming the Christian faith, promising to follow Christ and Christ's example for living, and committing to attend church and become involved in the church's work and mission.

Persons interested in joining the church should speak with a pastor or church officer. The pastor and other church leaders offer new member classes periodically. Prospective church members also may request individual meetings.

Affiliate membership is an option for persons whose primary membership is in another church but who attend First United regularly.

Persons who wish to become members meet with the Session and are received into membership during a Sunday morning worship service.

Some people choose to participate regularly in the life of the church but not formally join. All services, ministries and programs, including committee work, are available to such friends of the church, with the exception of the privilege of voting in congregational meetings and holding office.

Prayer Requests & Prayer Chain

Persons or loved ones going through personal crisis, illness, or loss may request that the Prayer Chain be activated by calling the church office or speaking with the pastor. If you would like to participate in the Prayer Chain, contact the church office.

Member Care & Counseling

Members and non-members alike may seek short-term family, marriage, pre-marital, crisis, addiction, grief, and other forms of counseling and spiritual direction from the pastor. When counseling needs are long-term, referrals are made to area pastoral counselors, other professionals, and support groups. The homebound receive regular visits, cards, and holiday gifts from members of the Board of Deacons. Persons who are unable to attend worship may request a Deacon be assigned to them.