you can experience a joyous inclusive community,


you can nurture and share your spiritual journey,


you can make a difference in the world.

Worship in December


Our Desert Cry
Second Sunday of Advent
December 4, 2016 – communion
Based on Matthew 3:1-2
Children’s Time:      Introducing John the Baptist
Children remain in worship to receive the Sacrament of Communion
Intergenerational Activity:           Strolling With The Pastor


Coming Home
Third Sunday of Advent
December 11, 2016 – communion
Based on Isaiah 35:1-10 and Luke 1:46b-55
Children’s Time:      The Desert Will Rejoice
Children’s Church: TBA
Extended Fellowship/Deacons/Birthday Sunday


God Is Still With Us
Fourth Sunday of Advent
December 18, 2016
Based on Matthew 1:18-25
Children’s Time:      Introducing Joseph
Children’s Church:
Intergenerational Activity:           “Greening The Sanctuary”
Christmas Carols led by Judy Moyer


The Grace of God
Christmas Eve – communion
December 24, 2016
Based on Titus 2:11-14


The Thing That Stays The Same
Christmas Day
December 25, 2016
Based on Hebrews 1:10-12