you can experience a joyous inclusive community,


you can nurture and share your spiritual journey,


you can make a difference in the world.


Worship Themes in September
‘Always Being Re-Formed’

(September 13 – October 4) 

According to the Presbyterian tradition, we are a church that is always in need of a reformation. In a four-week series on interpreting the themes of our tradition for the 21st Century,

we consider who we can become if we ground ourselves in the forming and re-forming and even again re-forming creative Spirit of God. 

Our Children’s Church curriculum explores the foundations of the faith, beginning with The Goodness of Creation and culminating with Human Brokenness and God’s response. 

In Adult Education we return to the Rose Room for a ‘Timeline to Tomorrow’ conversation about next steps for our mission and outreach together. The Building Visionaries will use one or more of these times to report where they are in their discernment process. 


Flesh Made Word (Bible)
Life in the Spirit/Ordinary Time
September 20, 2015

Based on Nehemiah 8:1-12 

Solo Scriptura (Scripture Alone!) was a rallying cry of the Protestant Reformation. And yet the Bible can be a tool of oppression, instead of The Word of Life it was meant to be for us. How might 21st century Presbyterians reclaim the memory and hope recorded in the Scriptures and ‘proclaimed in the flesh’ today? 

Children’s Time: The Bible as ‘Spectacles’
Children’s Church: Humanity Sunday
Adult Ed: Timeline To Tomorrow: (tent.) A Ten-Year Trajectory


On Potters and Planters (Sin)
Life in The Spirit/Ordinary Time
September 27, 2015

Based on Jeremiah 18:1-11; 31:1-5 

Presbyterians have historically believed that Sin is an unavoidable tragedy of the human condition, a tragedy that can only be overcome by the radical grace of God. How might this teaching be re-interpreted for a generation brought up to believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people? 

Children’s Time: Self-Inflicted-Nonsense
Children’s Church: Sky Sunday
Adult Ed: Timeline To Tomorrow: (tent.) Building Visionaries