you can experience a joyous inclusive community,


you can nurture and share your spiritual journey,


you can make a difference in the world.

On Wednesdays at 4pm there is Bible study/Teach the Preacher at the church- ALL ARE WELCOME!

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Worship Themes During the Season of Epiphany 

‘On Climate Change and the Coming of Christ’

Epiphany Season Continues the Conversation, at First United
A child has come, to lead us anew!
Our children inspire us to get it right this time!
And so we study, we assess, we pray, and we act,
now that the time has arrived!


February 1, 2015
Where Wisdom Begins
Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany (communion)

Based on Psalm 111

Having made the commitment to change our hearts and lives, in response to the pending ecological crisis, we seek the wisdom of God in the weeks and months to come, proclaiming the goodness of God to all who will hear, and nourishing ourselves at the table of grace for the journey ahead.

Children’s Time: Souper Bowl of Caring
(children remain in worship for communion)

Mission Focus: Children and Youth Souper Bowl Soup Sale

Adult Formation Focus: ‘Future Hope?’ (Conclusion from We Are All Apocalyptic Now)


February 8, 2014
Guest Preacher
Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany
Boy Scout Sunday

Children’s Church: Nora McDowell and assistant; decide on recipient of Souper Bowl offering

Adult Formation Focus: Mission Committee—local food issues, Linda O’Malley